Monday, August 29, 2011

My Hydrops Episode

Imagine being detected with a rare degenerative eye disease, and in as much as you deny to yourself that something is wrong, your body will remind you that things arent as normal as you wish them to be.

As I've stated in my previous entry, I did not religiously wear my contact lens even though I was constantly reminded by everyone around me to wear them.
To them, it was the only way we could suppress the cornea from further distraction and would help a lot for me to function normally. To me, I was normal, and the contacts just hindered me from looking normal and restricted my actions since I was always squinting as if to suppress the wind from hitting my eye.

I got through college then moved back to Canada then eventually moved to Las Vegas and nothing abnormal event.
You could say i was pushing my luck and i was glad it was not running out.
When I moved back to Manila and eventually got a job in a call center, I considered my skin asthma more restricting than the eye condition.
Of course there was the occasional mis-reading of numbers while focused on the computer screen, but nothing really dangerous.

Nothing dangerous.
I was in a financial program.
Still positive about all this.
Sure glad i havent made any critical mistake all these years.

I forgot which month it was but i remember it was in 2006, one year into my employment.
After a long work week, it was finally the weekend and all i wanted to do was relax and sleep since i wasnt feeling well the whole week.
Usual cough and colds, i thought.
With the cough and colds came the headache.
I thought it was the normal headache caused by cough and colds, and i could say a gradual change in eye grade since I've been a bad girl.
Had a massage. Masseuse has strong hands. Massaged over my head and the eye lids, No problem really.
After the massage, headache and colds were still there, but i felt a bit relieved.
And then light sensitivity.
What the heck?
I presumed due to the allergies, i was just really squinting a lot.
I didnt want to associate it with my eyes, deep inside, i really was just scared.
Scared something was wrong.
Scared i was going to get the sermon of my life.
Work week has started and i still was not feeling well. Not feeling well because of the light sensitivity.
Did not go to work Monday and Tuesday with an excuse that was so far from what i was really feeling.
Wednesday, decided to go to work already.
Apparently, that was not going to be the case.
Our household help noticed the black part of my eye was all white.
Panic set in.
Found myself going to the emergency room instead of the office.
Since we came there in the evening and office hours were done, didnt get to see my eye doctor till the next day.
Diagnosis...Corneal Hydrops

What is Corneal Hydrops?
Corneal Hydrops is a nasty complication resulting from Keratoconus. Thankfully, it is a rare one (one site says only 3% of eyes with Keratoconus get it, which makes the prospect of getting it in two eyes pretty remote). It can occur at any time and with no warning, though it is more common among advanced Keratoconus patients

The image on top on this entry is how an eye with corneal hydrops looks like.

Now, how do we deal with corneal hydrops?

See you on the next entry.

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