Friday, August 26, 2011

My love hate relationship...with my contact lenses.

At the time that my keratoconous was detected, i had a grade of 20-1000.

Seriously. It was that bad.

A grade of 20 on the left, and 1000 on the right.
If you asked me before and you asked me now why it was just the right eye on degenerate mode, I wouldnt be able to answer you.

No one would believe i had that eye grade.

Of course, if a disease was detected, the next thing to do was find a way to treat it.

I thought i would just need to wear glasses.
Apparently glasses would not be good enough.

I had two choices.
Wear gas permeable lenses, or in layman's terms...hard contact lenses
Have a corneal transplant.

We were warned that corneal transplants were usually done as a last resort and there would be no need at that point to do a transplant.
Which means...i had to wear contacts.

To anyone wearing soft contact lenses out there, you guys are lucky.
It was a struggle getting used to those lenses, but of course i had to get used to it because it would suppress the cornea from further shaping into a cone.

I only had to wear contacts on the right eye but eventually doctors had one on the left done as well. Not because it had started to degenerate but when you have only one good eye, even if it wasnt affected, the grade will change as well.

So now it was one hard lens and one soft lens.

I have to admit i was pretty bad on wearing my contacts religiously.
I had this thinking that since i still had one good eye, i could still manage and there were a lot of times that i pretended i wore my lens but i did not.
Or days where i would leave the house not wearing the contacts and just wear them when i knew i would be seeing my parents.
I remember going to driving class and drove without the contacts on. I was too afraid that while driving the lens would just fall out of place and distract me. While driving in the Pioneer area, i didnt know whats worst, having the lens fall out while driving or driving without peripheral version, or at least at that time, minimal peripheral version.

I know, lens have to be clean all the time, and i made sure those lenses were clean even though i did not wear it for most of the time :D
Im not sure how many times i had to replace the lens because i lost it or there was a scratch...mind you, all of them unintentional. Why would i intentionally lose it or crack it, i still had to wear them once they were replaced.

But what can i do?
I was also dealing with skin asthma and i had scaling under my eyes.
Then it had to go through the rigors of wearing the lens, making sure it was properly placed and if it was not you just keep on blinking and blinking.
I was stressing the upper part of my face with what i had to go through everyday
And i just needed a break every chance i could get.

I guess i still did pretty good for the first few years even with not regularly wearing my lenses.
Started in my last year in highschool, managed to get through college, lived away from the family for a certain time and i started working still having to wear those contacts,

People always reminded me to wear the lens to avoid going into a corneal transplant and preserve the cornea from being crunchy.
Of course since i did not obey, i had to pay the price.

See ya on my next post.

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